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22 June 2020

COVID-19 pandemic is now a serious threat to human life. There are various measures which have been advocated to prevent the infections. Health facilities in Bunda district including the designated council hospital of St Mary Kibara Hospital have no basic facilities and infrastructure including Mortuary building. This implies that in case of COVID-19 deaths happens; this will present a serious problem to the hospital management as the available mortuary was located in Bunda town and Nyamuswa heath centre which not only located 52 km and 77km respectively from Kibara but also the two Mortuaries have limited capacity. The project therefore supported St. Mary Kibara Hospital to finalize construction of mortuary building by doing the following, plastering, flooring, installation of window grills and aluminum, construction of body washing place, plastering of the soak pits, electrical installation, plumbing, sewage system and installation of water system. The building has been completed and is ready for use.

Mortuary building before project support.
Mortuary building after the support from the project. The building is ready for use.