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04 August 2020

Livestock dairy farming in Bunda and Busega District aims to increase milk production for household consumption and increasing household income. The project supported training to selected five dairy livestock farmers who were given improved cattle breeds. The training was facilitated by expertise from Livestock Training Agency- Mabuki with the aims to improve the knowledge and skills of selected livestock farmers on basics of dairy cattle farming and better management practices in keeping the dairy animals. Among of these practices include breeding and selection of best animals for milk production, feeds and feeding, diseases management, hygienic milking, record keeping   and general husbandry of different groups of the herd.

Moreover, the practical training was also conducted specifically on hand spraying technique of animals to control external parasites such as ticks which are the core transmitters of cattle diseases, Supplementary Feeds identification and mixing (formulation) procedures. Supplementary feeds are essential to provide cow with nutritive value to add up milk production. Cotton seedcakes, maize bran, mineral supplements were the feeds taught during the training. Moreover, visits to see cattle houses/barns to identify any deviations of recommended dimensions and features. The farmers were also trained the use of hay box in making bales as a way to conserve forage.

The dairy livestock farmers agreed to form a farmers group and were legally registered as Mkombozi Dairy Group. The group was registered to enable the members work closer to implement efficiently the knowledge and skills obtained from this training. The members elected Chairman, Secretary and Accountant after forming a group constitution.

During the Training to selected Dairy Livestock Farmers who were given improved cattle breeds.
During the Training to selected Dairy Livestock Farmers who were given improved cattle breeds.
Learning how to mix food for given improved cattle breed
Certificate of Registration of Mkombozi Dairy Group in Bunda District