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    June 2019

From 2014 to 2018, Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI) delivered full poverty-environment mainstreaming programmes in a total of 20 countries, and provided technical advisory services in an additional 9 countries. The story told in the pages is one of reaping the rewards of this multi-year, complex effort to mainstream poverty, environment, climate, gender and equity into the heart of government. Results have been achieved through the provision of an integrated approach to mainstreaming the poverty-environment nexus in 24 national and 4,214 local development plans for 17 countries, 93 sector strategies in 13 countries, 84 budget processes in 10 countries and 56 monitoring and evaluation systems in 12 countries. PEI has substantially contributed to the integration of pro-poor environmental mainstreaming approaches and tools in United Nations and partners’ strategies and programmes at the country, regional and global levels—including 24 United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks and 24 UNDP Country Programme Documents over the life of the Initiative, 23 of which were concluded during Phase 2. With lessons Learned on integrated approaches to poverty-environment mainstreaming for sustainable development.