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    March 2021

A mid-term review (MTR) was undertaken and has completed in March 2021 to assess progress towards achievement of PEA objectives and outcomes of which the full report and joint management response to evaluation findings are publicly available at Evaluation Detail (

Findings indicate that PEA’s technical support has been well received by many actors at the national, regional and global levels. The project was also recognized for its continued promotion of an agenda at the nexus of poverty-environment action, carrying on to SDGs. Based on the MTR findings, only 56 per cent (95 targets) of the total 170 output targets were achieved at mid-point (i.e. by August 2020). Significant progress has been made from August to December 2020 with 180 targets achieved, which translates to 106 per cent of targets. The MTR highlights a potential for achieving as great or greater number of outputs and output-related outcomes with proper adjustments made at the programmatic, operational and conceptual levels. The MTR further recommends the alignment of expected results with available resources.

Management responses have been put in place to address the MTR recommendations, including low delivery, by reviewing the monitoring and evaluation framework to align results with the available resources and time frame, without jeopardizing the overall ambition of the project.