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    May 2021
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Corporate Social Responsibility Guideline for Tourism Sector in Lao PDR is developed in 2021 under the support from the Poverty Environment Action for Sustainable Development Goals (PEA) base in Investment Promotion Department in order to provide useful guidelines for investors or businesses that would like to initiate CSR activities within their organizations. In addition, this guideline aims to provide general information on CSR for government officials and public who interested in learning about CSR implementation within tourism sector.

This CSR Guideline highlights the concept of CSR and the importance of CSR within the tourism business operation context. The main part of the CSR Guideline presents the steps for developing CSR program from stakeholder mapping to reporting process by providing action planning and reporting template for the implementing CSR. In addition, the Guideline provides information regarding different areas where private sector can contribute to resolve social and environmental issues through CSR initiatives such as poverty eradication, environment protection, human right and local startup development.