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    March 2021
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In 2020, Poverty-Environment Actions EA Laos conducted the baseline survey on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in tourism section in Laos to provide understandings on the current status of CSR in tourism sector that is a key sector to the socio-economic development of the country. With the identified gaps, potential resources can be harnessed to effectively respond to the real needs of tourism businesses.

This CSR baseline study on the tourism sector in Lao PDR, completed in March 2021, comes at an opportune time as the country moves forward in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Building on a previous report on CSR awareness in tourism sector in Lao PDR, this study focuses on the CSR commitment and operationalization aspect of tourism businesses as well as the challenges they face in implementing CSR and mainstreaming it into their core businesses.

In terms of the CSR commitment, many businesses still do not set a strong tone from the top leadership management. The unstructured approach to CSR by tourism businesses is attributed to unclear macro-policy, limited understanding of CSR coupled with limited exposure to CSR practices of the business management, and shortage of funding among others. On the other hand, it is uplifting to learn that businesses are willing to engage in CSR if there are proper guidelines for them to follow and resources for them to tap into.

Apart from examining the commitment of CSR towards the Lao community, this study also looks at their internal processes and treatments towards employees, customers and suppliers. It is promising to see the consistent and firm commitment of management towards enhancing the livelihood of their employees and providing excellent services to their customers while engaging suppliers and driving them towards sustainable tourism.