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The General Economics Division (GED) of the Bangladesh Planning Commission with the technical and financial assistance of the UNDP and PEA has prepared ‘Sustainable Development Goals: Bangladesh Progress Report 2020’. This is the second formal SDGs Progress Report produced by Bangladesh. This report reflected progress on 118 indicators.

The report will help Bangladesh to measure the status of and progress in SDGs implementation during the last 4 years so that the country can adopt appropriate strategies and policy actions for the goals and targets the country is lagging. This progress report is also a source of motivation for all stakeholders to undertake actions to enhance performance in SDGs implementation for achieving the milestones set under the SDGs by 2030. The important priority, in this regard, is to capture real progress (or lack of it) in specific SDGs targets using reliable data and to help overcome existing weaknesses in data generation, and for ensuring availability, timeliness, quality and disaggregated data for monitoring.

The report has been translated in native language (Bangla) for wider circulation and better understanding of the global development agenda among the common people and all stakeholders to build their ownership in implementation, tackling challenges and way forward.