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    Report on Public Env.Exp_. Analysis of the Royal Govt of Bhutan for the 9th FYP Period.pdf
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    January 2009

An assessment of the ‘Public Environmental Expenditure (PEE)’ of the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) during the 9th Plan period was commissioned by the Department of Public Accounts. It was financially supported by the UNDP and UNEP through one of its project - ‘Bhutan Poverty and Environment Initiative (PEI) Project’. The main objective of the assessment was to understand the trends of public expenditure in environment and to obtain critical information for streamlining and strengthening future investments in environmental programs, project and activities. The scope of the study included a review of public expenditure in the environment and natural resources sector, encompassing expenditure incurred by ministries, government departments and other agencies and the local administration at the Dzongkhag and Geog levels on environment related interventions along with all donor supported projects of the environment sector. Before conducting the analysis, an appropriate definition of ‘Public Environmental Expenditure’, applicable to Bhutan was discussed and prepared. Following the agreement, an identification of public institutions that are implementing environment related projects and activities were carried out. After a careful screening of all 10 Ministries of the Government, institutions under five Ministries were identified as relevant institutions that implemented environment related activities. With this information in hand, the accounting database of the Department of Public Accounts was used to list out all environment related expenditure programs, sub programs, activities and sub activities for each year of the 9th Five Year Plan. This was followed by data collection on the details of current and capital allocation/expenditure of each identified activity.