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    December 2009

This report provides the first ever public expenditure review (PER) for environment and natural resources in Rwanda. It was written under the theme: “Putting environment on budget.” The objective was to evaluate the appropriateness in the use of funds in the environment sector. It was supported by UNEP/UNDP funded Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI). The intended outcome of the initiative is the integration of environment into national policy and district planning, policy and budget processes to implement the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) 2008-2010, Vision 2020 and the Millennium Development Goals.

The findings in this report are as a result of wide consultations within and across sectors, districts and the review of national documents and international literature from mid-September to end of October, 2009.The authors also benefited from being registered to access and analyze data from DAD and OECD. These sources also enriched their findings. Importantly, the contributions from validation workshop held in November 2009 are an invaluable input into this report.