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22 September 2021

The 'Strengthening Institutional Capacity for SDGs Achievement in Bangladesh (SC4SDG)' project of UNDP Bangladesh and General Economics Division (GED), with the support of UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Action for Sustainable Development Goals project through the financial support of the Governments of Austria, Sweden, and the European Union jointly organized a consultation on Revised Mapping of Ministries/Divisions and Custodian Agencies for SDGs Implementation: Bangladesh Perspective on 22 September 2021.

The consultation brought together government representatives from multiple agencies such as BBS, as well as from various UN agencies such as UNRCO, ILO, UNAIDS, UNDP, and others. Mr. Shimul Sen, Senior Assistant Chief, gave a presentation on the issue. The main discussion centred around which agencies would take responsibilities for each of the indicators of the SDGs. Each individual indicator was discussed as a group, with opinions taken on which agencies should lead and which should be the partner agencies from both the UN and development partner side and the government side. Especially pertinent to the discussion was the point regarding which agencies should be the custodian for indicators where the global custodian was an agency does not present in Bangladesh (such as OECD, for example). The UNRCO representatives made special mention of the fact that they are ready to help with coordination between different agencies as well as capacity building activities.

After all the indicators were discussed, the closing ceremony was held. The session was chaired by Mr. Mafidul Islam, Chief, GED. Dr. Shamsul Alam, Honorable State Minister, Ministry of Planning, was present as the Chief Guest. Ms. Van Nguyen, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Bangladesh, was present as the Guest of Honor. Ms. Zuena Aziz, Principal Coordinator, SDG Affairs, PMO, and Ms. Mosammat Nasima Begum, Member (Secretary), Socio-Economic Infrastructure Division, Bangladesh Planning Commission, were present as Special Guests.

In the closing ceremony, the speakers alluded to the Honorable Prime Minister recently getting the SDG Progress award, and stressed on the importance of all agencies working together effectively to achieve the SDG. They stressed that everyone’s contributions will be crucial to this end. They also mentioned how the SDGs are closely aligned with the country’s current Eight Five Year Plan.

Closing remarks from the key participants are as follows:

Van Nguyen, DRR, UNDP Bangladesh: Warm Greetings to everyone on behalf of everyone at UNDP. She congratulated the HPM for getting the SDG Progress Award recently. She said Bangladesh has really earned this award. We have done a great job with MDGs and are doing a great job with the SDGs. And she said she is confident that the country will be able to achieve the SDGs and achieve LDC graduation. It is inspiring to see the government driving this effort forward. So everyone’s contributions will help with the revision of this handbook. Recently the UN agencies has finalized the UNSDCF and is fully aligned with the 8FYP. She also said that UN agencies always stand beside the government in the achievement of the SDGs and to make it a reality.
Ms. Mosammat Nasima Begum, Member (Secretary), Socio-Economic Infrastructure Division, Bangladesh Planning Commission: She said that Bangladesh has full commitment towards achieving the SDGs and has adapted a whole-of-society approach in this regard. The country has also localized the SDGs to make it more inclusive. She mentioned the HPM getting the SDG Progress award. She said the mapping reflects the delineation of the SDG target to different government agencies. The report published in 2017 needs to be revised. GED has recently agreed to revise the report. The revised template includes both custodian agencies and partner agencies. She said that today’s session will help to get a better idea of how the different agencies will work together in this regard.
Ms. Zuena Aziz, Principal Coordinator (SDGs Affairs), Prime Minister’s Office: She said that today’s session is very important since there needs to be some changes in the custodian and partner agencies in the implementation of the SDGs. She said she is hopeful of achieving the SDGs over the coming years. She thanked everyone for their contributions.
Dr. Shamsul Alam, Hon’ble State Minister, Ministry of Planning: He said that there is a bit of pressure in terms of achieving the SDGs because of Covid. Hopefully we will be able to hold the meeting of the SDG implementation committee. He mentioned the HPM’s SDG Progress Award prize which serves as encouragement for everyone to carry forward the work. We will continue working as a team to invigorate the implementation of the SDGs and continue the good work in terms of policies, action plans, etc. and is very closely linked to the 8FYP.

Thank you!