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01 November 2021

Formal markets require that the cooperative should have legal business document for the group to supply the produce, without which the Farmer Organization is not able to penetrate prime markets. It is therefore against this background that Salima District Agricultural Office (DAO) with support from UNDP PEA project in collaboration with UN Women organised a training on cooperative member education for Sululu Irrigation Group as a pre-requisite for registration as a cooperative society limited.

The purpose of the activity was to build capacity of all FBO members in the formation and management agricultural cooperatives. Therefore, following the training which was held from 7-13th November 2021 in Salima, 33 members of Sululu farmer organization had:

  • (1) an improved capacity and knowledge in the management of agricultural cooperatives,
  • (2) gained understanding and practical skills on the differences between a cooperative, farmer club, association and company,
  • (3) acquired knowledge and skills responsibilities and rights of a member of a cooperative, and
  • (4) discussed possible causes of failure and success agricultural cooperative.

Figures above show Farmers during group discussions during the training and the Cooperative Auditor from the Ministry of Trade facilitating a session on principles of cooperative management