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01 June 2020

We are pleased to introduce Le Le Lan as Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Specialist, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub.

Le Lan joined the Poverty-Environment Action for Sustainable Development Goals on 1 June 2020.

Le Lan brings with her extensive knowledge and experiences in working with UN and UNDP. Before joining Poverty-Environment Action, she served in Viet Nam as Leader of the M&E team until 2015 and in DPR Korea as M&E Specialist/Chair of United Nations M&E Working Group for the last five years.

Le Lan’s key areas of expertise include solid practices in the design, implementation and oversight of Programme and Projects’ M&E policies and strategies at country office and corporate levels; expert-level knowledge on risks management, performance indicators and results-based reporting. She has practical experience and skills in the management and implementation of decentralized evaluation, UNDP Internal Audit, National Implementation Audit and Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfer and Quality Assurance exercise.

Her proven proficiencies and qualifications made her part of the Bangkok Regional Hub’s SURGE team (the swift deployment of experienced and specialized experts), where she provided support, for the last three years to other UNDP country offices, including Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Laos PDR, Fiji, Solomon Island and Bangladesh.

She holds Master of Public Management and Economics degree from University Libre of Brussels and BS in Economics from the Viet Nam National Economics University.