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03 June 2021

Mozambique took a big step forward to secure implementation of its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) on climate change. As one of the first Face2Face events held in 2021, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) with support from UNDP/UNEPs Sustainable management of Natural resources for Resilient and Equitable Development – Phase II (SUNRED II) held a 3-day workshop from 26 to 28 May 2021. The participants learned about the NDC and its importance to combat dangerous climate change and identified actions in the NDC Action Plan for their sector which should be integrated in the national economic and social plan (PESOE) for 2022. A total of 47 planners and technical staff (26 women and 21 men) from 12 sector ministries e.g. disaster risk reduction, agriculture, fishery energy, mineral resources, health, education, transport, tourism, communication, water resources and public works in Mozambique participated.

MEF also took the opportunity to present the ongoing work on establishing a climate change budget tracking system in the Subsystem for Planning and Budgeting (SPO). It is a new system that is being finalized and launched and will apply for all institutions from central ministries and institutes to municipalities and districts. When the climate budget tracking system is integrated it will allow the Government of Mozambique to monitor how much is actually allocated to climate change adaptation and mitigation. On the last day of the seminar, all sectors presented the activities that are proposed to enter the PESOE 2022 and their relation to the overall activities in the NDC. In this way the seminar helped secure that Mozambique can deliver the contributions that it has committed to in the NDC. An interesting activity, is the introduction of an insurance for climate disasters a program starting in 2022 and supported by the African Union through the African Risk Capacity.

Apart of the practical outputs produced, it was also a great learning event where the linkages between combatting climate change, the NDC and the day to day work on planning and budgeting became much clearer to the participants as Deputy Director of Planning and Budgeting Cristina Matusse said in her closing remarks “I have now learned a new concept MRV, monitoring, reporting and verification”.

Mozambique climate change action
Workshop participants with the Deputy Director Cristina Matusse from the Ministry of Economy and Finance in front